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I'm Lydia, Marketing Manager at Invision360!

You may already be familiar with Invision360—our award-winning technology solutions are designed to help local authorities across England enhance the quality and consistency of plans for vulnerable children and young people, ensuring they achieve their desired outcomes.

We recognise the critical importance of better outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Our latest platform, VITA, leverages a secure AI model built within our existing infrastructure to analyse professional advice, and identify gaps and limitations in drafting Education, Health, and Care Plans VITA will streamline the process, enhance quality, and empower SEND teams to deliver more effective support.

I'm here to network with SEND professionals in this community to understand how we can better support your teams. I'll be sharing thought leadership pieces on using technology to empower practice/professionals, as well as providing case studies and blogs on topical areas related to writing plans.

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

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Jul 18, 2024
Replying to Robert Robinson

Really helpful article, especially examples. Just wondering about the SEMH outcome, I always find these the hardest to formulate. Would an EHCP outcome ever be set for a term? Or is this a step on the way to a longer term outcome? There seems a lot of ambition in the outcome (which is good!) is it achievable? For a child with SEMH needs  warranting an EHCP will they, in one term, learn to "identify, label and manage their emotions". My experience is that we find it harder to break down the steps towards SEMH outcomes than we do in for example literacy or physical development , and that this can result in targets which are not finely graded enough... 

Thanks Robert - really insightful point. Yes, SEMH outcomes can be challenging to create discrete and tangible steps that can be accurately measured. Soft outcomes always have a degree of subjectivity and the perspective of one professional can differ from another looking at the same actions / behaviour. Your comment on 'is it achievable' is a valid one, whilst all outcomes need to 'stretch' development, they must be achievable. In the specific SEMH outcome cited in the article, 'identify, label and manage' certainly does look like a 'stretch', however it depends on where the child's development was prior to the outcome being set ( i.e. was the child able to identify and label, but not manage their emotions, so it is the final step that has been added?). All really great comments and a real catalyst for discussion. Thanks so much for reading & engaging with this article Robert.