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I have spent over 30 years in education working in many different roles from teaching assistant to mainstream class teacher, senior leader within several special needs schools, Headteacher of an all-age special needs school and finally an independent consultant. Alongside the practitioner roles in my spare time, I spent nearly 20 years as a researcher. I completed a master's degree, a PhD in Special Education, presented nationally/internationally at conferences and became a published author of my research. I have just written a book on the teaching of reading to all learners, due in March! I am passionate about making a positive difference to the lives, attitudes and outcomes of those who may struggle to learn. I have learnt that it is only through a change in the culture of the adults that we can really make a difference to the opportunities for all children and young adults.

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Alternative Provision Units (SEN/EBD schools and PRUs) Consultancy Early Learning Further education institution/College/Adult Education Independent School (Primary/Secondary/Special) Parent Primary School Secondary School

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ADHD Assessment Augmented, Assistive Technology Autism and ASD Behaviour Cognition and Learning Communication and Interaction Curriculum Dyslexia Dyspraxia EYFS Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Further Education Higher Education Leadership Literacy Policy & Guidance Primary Secondary and post-16 Sensory and/or physical needs Social, emotional and mental health difficulties Speech, language and communication needs Technology Young adults, parents and carers

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