Lucy Cox (She/Her)

SENDCo , Curzon and Fawood Nursery School Partnership

About Lucy Cox

I'm an experienced SENDCo working across two nursery schools. I have a special interest in sensory processing and how it intersects with learning, the importance of relationships in learning, brain science and neurodiversity.

Area(s) of Focus

Alternative Provision Units (SEN/EBD schools and PRUs) Children's services Early Learning Local government/Authority

Job Title

Early Years Practitioner Learning Support SENCO Teacher

Area(s) of Interest

Assessment Autism and ASD Behaviour Cognition and Learning Communication and Interaction EYFS Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Social, emotional and mental health difficulties Speech, language and communication needs

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Tes SEND Show

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Recent Comments

Mar 17, 2023

The funding model didn't work when it applied to 3-4 year olds, and settings were ramping up rates for younger children to make up the shortfall. Now all children from 9 months to 4 will be underfunded, I expect lots more settings to go bust, or to charge extortionate rates for the additional hours parents will be forced to pay for to cover all the additional hours they will actually be in work. Remember the government are only covering 30 hours a week in term time.... none of this is being implemented until after the election, so it may well just be performative fluff and never actually be implemented  as Labour seem to have different priorities for childcare. 

Mar 08, 2023

I don't understand why the government do not allow local Authorities to open their own new Specialist schools, instead of having to go through the Free School system which is far more expensive and far less accountable to parents and taxpayers. Is this just ideology, or there a good reason for for it?