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Trainer | Consultant | Specialising in Neurodiversity in early years , Aperion Training

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Hi, My name is Cheryl and I am an award winning trainer and consultant working across the UK as well as being an international speaker, supporting early years settings and schools to deliver quality neuroinclusive practice.  I have 30 years experience within the sector and am passionate about ensuring ALL of our children are supported to thrive through understnading and connection.  I am a parent to two amazing boys who are neurodivergent and ensure my lived experiences are shared to support others. 

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Childminder/Nanny Consultancy Early Learning Independent School (Primary/Secondary/Special) Parent Primary School

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ADHD Augmented, Assistive Technology Autism and ASD Behaviour Communication and Interaction Curriculum Dyslexia Sensory and/or physical needs

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My messy classroom

A little while ago on The SEND Network Podcast, I spoke about messy classrooms being the best classrooms, so I thought I would use this blog to explain what I meant a bit more.

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Nov 28, 2022

Thanks for your feedback, it was such a great event and I think everyone got a lot from it.  Cheryl