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SEND Associate/Author/MAT SEND Lead, Education Endowment Foundation/SENDMattersUK

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Consultant Multi Academy Trust Leader

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Autism and ASD Cognition and Learning Curriculum Leadership Literacy Policy & Guidance Primary Secondary and post-16 Speech, language and communication needs

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Oct 23, 2023
Replying to Lynn McCann

Hi Gary,  with more LAs producing OAP documents (many with lots of detail) do you know how generally they are being used?  Do LAs require the OAP documents to be referenced, are they requiring schools to prove their SEND graduated approach by referencing these documents? Are SENDcos required to audit and train their staff in the OAP guidelines?  I'm interested in the national picture, what is the point of these documents, so to speak? 

Thanks Lynn. I haven’t heard of examples of Local Authorities using OAPs as a specific reason to knock back EHCNA requests, if I’m honest. That said, it’s also true that a lot of SENDCOs are reporting increases in EHCNA requests being rejected. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear of OAPs being cited as a reason for more requests to be rejected. 
Hopefully these OAP documents are being put in with training alongside them, and in a respectful spirit of positive cooperation with teachers, so that pupils’ needs can be met in classrooms by their teachers. 

Aug 21, 2023
Replying to Hannah

Hi Gary.  Thanks so much for this article, i'm finding it really helpful!  The link in 'self-audit' just takes me to an Error page on the Whole School SEND website, could you point me in the right direction with a new link?

Thanks Hannah, sorry about that. Do you have a login for Whole School SEND? I'd recommend it highly, their resources are very good (and it's free!). Once you've logged in, go to the 'Resources' tab and click on 'SEND Review Guides'. You can then download the one that relates to your setting. Hope that's helpful.