Online event on safety, trauma and the transformative power of polyvagal principles for parents

Tune in to an important panel discussion on safety and trauma: Unveiling the unjust distribution of safety and the transformative power of polyvagal principles for parents
Online event on safety, trauma and the transformative power of polyvagal principles for parents

In celebration of Children's Mental Health Week UK (5th February 2024), Watoto Play invites you to a 90-minute conversation plus Q&A panel discussion.

Scheduled for Wednesday, 7th February at 7pm on Zoom, the event will delve into the profound impact of feeling safe on our behaviour and relationships, how trauma changes us and question the unjust distribution of this essential element in our society today.

You can register for this online event here - price: self-select donations (minimum donation £1). 

@Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar reflects on the recent heartbreaking news of Mia Janin in the UK. Reading Mia’s fathers statement - whilst shedding light on her own journey as a neurodivergent parent and trauma therapist. Yasmin emphasises the challenges she's faced growing-up and attempting to create a safe-space for her daughter in a world that often feels unsafe - is unsafe.

Mia's story and the story of thousands of others becomes a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle, as Yasmin shares, "As a parent it seems I put one fire out, and another one starts. Many parents spend a lifetime telling their children “Don’t go there, don't do that, don’t wear that, don’t speak to XYZ - it's not safe. Surely it's time to change the narrative?”

This event aims to explore the critical role shame and safety play in our relationships and the unjust distribution of these vital elements in society. Participants will gain insights into the lengths Yasmin as a neurodivergent parent has gone to to keep her daughter safe, both from herself and the world at large. The experiences of a Gen Z teenager, VVZ, will provide a fresh perspective on navigating a world that often feels

The agenda includes introductions to guest speakers, an intergenerational family conversation with: Dr. Stephen Porges, Seth Porges, Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar and Miss VVZ. The event also offers an expert panel discussion and Q&A session with Dr. Stephen Porges, Seth Porges, Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, Professor Divine Charura, Catherine Knibbs and Suzanne Alderson.

As an attendee you are offered a unique opportunity to submit your queries in advance to our esteemed panel, including the creator of Polyvagal Theory Dr Stephen Porges, a leading figure in neuroscience, parenting, and mental health. To submit a query email with email heading “Q Our Polyvagal World”.

This event is for anyone striving to build better relationships and seeking to understand the impact of the past and present on their behaviours today. We hope you'll be able to join!

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