The SecEd Podcast: Teacher wellbeing: Protecting school staff

Tens of thousands of teachers quit every year due to poor wellbeing and work/life balance. We look at what schools can do practically to support the wellbeing of teaching staff and what teachers themselves can do to protect their wellbeing.
The SecEd Podcast: Teacher wellbeing: Protecting school staff

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Our experts discuss how to create a whole-school culture of staff wellbeing, including mentally healthy working environments, the pillars of psychological safety, how to bring wellbeing into the everyday, and emotionally literate leadership.

We consider how line managers can support colleagues and spot problems, the role of staff wellbeing leaders, how schools should respond if staff are struggling, and what teachers can do themselves, including how to say no, sleep properly, and prioritise personal time.

The SecEd podcast is hosted by SecEd editor Pete Henshaw and our guests are:

  • Rachel Ward, Director of Wellbeing, The Kemnal Academies Trust.
  • Gemma Williamson, Deputy Principal for Teaching and Learning, The Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes.
  • Faye McGuinness, Director of Programmes, Education Support.

Listen to the episode here: The SecEd Podcast: Teacher wellbeing: Protecting school staff (

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this podcast, or for help or advice on any issue facing those working in education, contact the free Education Support 24-hour helpline on 08000 562 561 or The charity also offers free peer support groups for headteachers and deputy headteachers via

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