About National Autistic Society

Our commitment is unwavering, as we channel our efforts in alignment with our vision, mission, and values, co-created alongside autistic individuals and their families.

Vision: Envisioning a society that caters to the needs of autistic individuals, our overarching goal is to create an environment that truly works for them.

Mission: Our mission is a transformative journey aimed at impacting over 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, along with their three million family members and caregivers. We strive to provide comprehensive support, disseminate valuable information, and offer practical advice. Simultaneously, we aim to foster societal change by enhancing public understanding of autism, guiding businesses and governmental bodies in creating more autism-friendly spaces, improving services, and advocating for enhanced laws.

Values: Guided by decades of experience collaborating with individuals on the autism spectrum, our values reflect a commitment to learning from real-life experiences. While we boast over 50 years of practical knowledge, we acknowledge the evolving nature of our understanding and the continuous need for learning. We believe in transparent communication, sharing our insights to empower individuals to make informed decisions and lead fulfilling lives. Furthermore, we aspire to inspire progress, open up new possibilities, and instigate positive change, demonstrating courage by challenging ignorance, inequality, and pushing for a better world for those on the autism spectrum.

To read more about who we are and how we work: https://www.autism.org.uk/what-we-do/who-we-are.

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