Manage to Lead and advocate for SEND - Monthly, manageable tools, tips and training

Lorraine Smith tells us how, after 30 years working in education, she's finally realising her dream and launching her new business, TeachAbout®!
Manage to Lead and advocate for SEND - Monthly, manageable tools, tips and training

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Passion, dedication, commitment, determination … key characteristics of educationalists … and equally essential for the ‘edupreneur’!

I’m Lorraine Smith and after 30 years working in education, I’m finally realising my dream and launching my new business, TeachAbout®!

SEND has always been my passion! I have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience in a range of roles and settings.
I’ve been a SENCo and I’ve delivered the NASENCo so I understand the challenges and pressures and potential to become completely overwhelmed!
Face-to-face, I could only tutor a limited number of people, but online? The potential to offer guidance and support and reassurance on a much wider scale is what has driven me to set up Teachabout®!

It’s been a labour of love and a feeling of being on a mission to craft the contents of my Managing to Lead Membership: accessed via monthly subscription.
Starting from the basis of “What would I have wanted to know?” as a new SENCo, I realised that what I really needed as at the time was guidance on how to identify the key knowledge that I had to know and then apply that to my day-to-day practice.

And so, I provide clearly presented core content with a focus on giving you the tools and strategies to manage provision and to lead on and advocate for SEND - irrespective of your leadership status within your setting.

In the hope that I can support as many of you as possible, I’m offering a FREE month of content for all show attendees!
Download the content to support you in your role as SENCo. See how I provide you practical tools to enable Class Teachers to carry out their SEN duty and take away the resources and tools for training and communication.
Once you’ve accessed a month’s content, I am confident that you’ll be wanting more! I am delighted to be able to offer you a very special SHOW SUBSCRIPTION RATE of only *£20/month when you sign up before midnight Tuesday 12th October!

PLUS – secure an amazing FAST ACTION BONUS if you subscribe BEFORE 7 pm on Sunday 10th October!
Receive the first of my SEN Starter Series –completely FREE!
You’ll be the first to receive this 4 module/16 lesson course due to be launched next month, November 2021!
Come and chat with me at Stand 32 if you have any questions, want to find out more about future products or have any requests for future courses and resources!

Be well and thrive!

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