Content Round-up: Children's Mental Health

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we have put together a list of all the resources the SEND Network has on supporting children's mental health.
Content Round-up: Children's Mental Health

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we have put together a list of all the resources the SEND Network has on supporting children's mental health. From strategies in the classroom to supporting mental health across your whole school, here is a quick round-up of those resources: 

Strategies in the classroom:

Mental Health: Working memory and learning strategies

Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway explores the brain functionality of someone who suffers with mental health, their superpowers and how educators can support their students.

Interested in learning more? Find Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway's Tes SEND Show talk on the subject here: Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway: Memory and mental wellness in the classroom

Using children's inner 'superheroes' to boost their mental health

MIND Superheroes, Jo and Vafa, discuss helping children find their ‘inner superheroes’ to boost their mental health. They look at the power of positive thoughts and language patterns through books and storytelling as a method to develop better self-esteem.

Supporting bereaved pupils with additional needs

National Development Lead for the Education Sector at Child Bereavement UK, Tracey Boseley, discusses how to support students with SEND facing bereavement. 

Using the Leuven wellbeing scale in observations to assess children’s mental health and wellbeing more effectively

Hannah McCormack provides an outline of how to use the Leuven wellbeing scale to support understanding of mental health and wellbeing in early years and beyond. 

Low arousal and low demand method - a series by Hannah McCormack

A 4-part mini-series that will take a brief look into the benefits of implementing a low arousal and low demand approach with young children.

Therapy methods

Mental health and wellbeing: connection and self-expression

In this contribution from Chiltern Music Therapy to Music Teacher's mental health and wellbeing column, music therapist Felicity Bott delves into the benefits of singing with children with additional needs and disabilities.

Laura Al-Bandar: The applications of music therapy in supporting child development and mental health

Laura Al-Bandar is a Music Therapist and Inclusion Lead at Chiltern Music Therapy. In this presentation, Laura shares case examples and research findings in neuroscience to bring to light how music therapy can support the education, development and well-being of children with SEND.

Therapeutic approach gives SEND pupils bright future

Suffolk special school nurtures the learning and life skills of boys with social, emotional and mental health issues.

The benefits of yoga for SEND pupils

Manager of Yoga in Schools, Chrissy Longley, gives us an insight into the benefits of yoga for children with SEND. She also highlights the benefits for both parents and teachers too.


Lorraine Petersen: Supporting mental health and wellbeing across your school 

In this session, Lorraine Petersen discusses how we can ensure that mental health and wellbeing remains a high priority for schools as we move forwards.

The SecEd Podcast: Mental health in schools

This episode offers practical advice and ideas for how schools can support and protect the mental health of their students, including creating mentally healthy school cultures and how to handle interactions with young people who are struggling.

Youth Mental Health Day: In conversation with Vafa Taleban

To mark this year's Youth Mental Health Day, we spoke to Vafa Taleban, NLP practitioner, life coach and co-founder of Mind Superheroes, about how we can support children and young people with mental health difficulties

Policy context: social, emotional and mental health needs

This article provides context on policy surrounding the broad area of need in SEND - SEMH.

Lorraine Petersen's Mental Health resource list (updated version from October 2023)

This updated list contains many links to free resources as well as some that are available commercially.

Stress and anxiety:

Rebecca Gill: Virtual Reality Therapies - case studies of autism and anxiety

Rebecca Gill is a Learning Disabilities Nurse & Founder of VR Therapies. This presentation provides an introduction on using VR technology to provide therapeutic support to young people with special educational needs.

Reducing stress and anxiety through sense and sensibility

This seminar explains the neurophysiology behind the subjective feeling of anxiety and stress that many adolescents experience. Charlotte Bjerregaard and Pernille Thomsen have developed a model for working with the feeling of stress and anxiety that combines the biological, psychological, and social dimensions and how to work with these to promote better mental health in children and adolescents. They present a hands-on approach to dealing with stress and anxiety.

School avoidance and anxiety - the forgotten child

This presentation discusses how to identify practical strategies to support re-engagement in a variety of educational settings. 

Self Regulation series by Hannah McCormack

The aim of this series by Hannah McCormack is to provide a brief overview of what self-regulation is, what dysregulation is and the associated consequences on children’s holistic development.

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